We specialise in customised online Sibelius training for music teachers, students, and musicians.

Beginners and more advanced music notation users will benefit by learning from an experienced tutor (since 2007).

NoteSoEasy, based in Cape Town (South Africa), will be offering individual training and workshops again post-Covid.

Our training consists of different modules, but can also be customized to meet your individual requirements.

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Ms Fullard, Engela, is an amazing teacher, – showing patience, intuitive musicality and compassion. I have learnt so much from her and will continue to lean on her, not only for her knowledge of Sibelius but also for her sound musical advice. In my opinion – no-one does it better!

Musicophilia of the South, April 2021

Engela is so patient & knowledgeable with Sibelius. She is an absolute lifesaver! Thank-you SO much Engela!

Gill Scott, January 2021

Firstly, we had an amazing and insightful presentation and workshop with Engela. Learnt so much and she even sent us extra material and info after the workshop. Excellent communication and assisted us promptly once we experienced some issues with our Sibelius. Keep up the good work!

Axolile Hoza, November 2020

Engela’s knowledge of Sibelius showed itself very practical, as she did some emailing, and texting within FB. Doing Screen Sharing (connecting to your computer), she is able to do work with my Sibelius program, as well as you are listening / reading what she wants you to do, to fix your problems. She knows how to work with people to accomplish or figure out problems. I live in USA, so her knowledge to connect worldwide is not an issue. Finding her bus. on LinkedIn, she has been very helpful and a nice colleague sharing the Music Publishing / Music notation industry.”

Mr Kerry Kennard, Dayton, Ohio, February 2019

Having taught in both primary and high schools, Engela Fullard intimately knows the challenges experienced by music teachers in South Africa. She is an experienced Sibelius Notation Software specialist whom I can highly recommend as facilitator and presenter.

Diederick Basson, October 2019

You are incredibly creative, and come up with new, innovative ideas for every one of my music theory books that we write, the most recent one being the sixth book! That is why I think you are the Number One Sibelius Trainer! There are very few tutors that can match you (if any).

Louis van Loggerenberg, January 2019