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We specialize in customized training (online, one-on-one and workshops) for music teachers, students and musicians in mastering music notation software.

Beginners and more advanced music notation users will benefit by learning from an experienced tutor (since 2007).

Note-so-Easy, based in Cape Town (South Africa), offers individual training and workshops nationally as well as interactive online training internationally.



I have approached Engela Fullard for help and services regarding music notation (Sibelius) on several occasions: for training of staff, training of high school learners and lastly for notation for a MMus thesis. Each time I approached her, Engela was prepared to help immediately, and do more than what was required. Her inter-personal skills with both adults and children are excellent and her knowledge and experience with technology for music notation of the best.

Marian Steyl, July 2017

Thank you Engela for all your help. You are amazing – always professional, patient, helpful and you make learning fun!
Charlo Stein, Aug 2016

Engela Fullard has been wonderful to work with, both online and via email. She is very knowledgable about Sibelius and other software issues. Patient, she knows how to work with people to accomplish or figure out problems.
Kerry Kennard
Dayton, Ohio, November 2015

“My first online training session for Sibelius was incredible – what an amazing discovery and it is like a life-saving device for inexperienced Sibelius users! Engela is extremely patient and gives clear instructions with an explanation of the reason for the action.


Music Notation Software

Music notation software



Find out more about Dorico

Dorico redefines the gold standard in music notation software. Its musical intelligence is like having an expert assistant by your side, while its intuitive workflows will help you to focus on each aspect of score preparation. Dorico’s output equals the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine.